Three-in-one Freezer Cookies

I've been baking this recipe since I was a child.
I spent a lot of time in school holidays at my friends house and her Mum - Mrs Meek, use to bake these cookies, we would come home there after school and go straight to the Tupperware cookie container and I'd be so excited if she had made the choc chip ones, however if the sultana ones were there I'd be slightly disappointed.... lol. However they would still get eaten.
You could not stop at one!
This recipe has been a constant in my life through all my businesses.
I used to bake them and sell them at our local store when we lived in Broke in the Hunter Valley. Yes we were broke and lived in Broke, it was through these cookies and other cakes that I saved up enough money to build a café in Broke on our property, called "Café Stables" in 2002
This was the open day and we had the Major of Singleton Daniel Golenia, open it for us.
For the building, we got as much as we could for free, I de-nailed timbers for months, cleaned bricks from the mortar that was on them. We pulled down an old shed that a friend allowed us to have, that was built from large timber slabs, it was the most beautiful rustic building and still is, the new owners rent it out as a bnb now. Anyway try baking these cookies, you wont be disappointed they are delicious. ❤
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