Pattern Library - Terms & Conditions

Exclusive Patterns

The pattern will be exclusive to your brand for a 2-year period.  An email will be sent out 3 months prior to the completion date with the option to renew.  The pattern will be exclusive to your category only - ie: if your product is in the baby category, the pattern cannot be re-licensed in that same space, however it could be licensed in the stationary, wallpaper, phone case categories, etc.  This pattern is limited for use in five categories only.


If you would like any changes to your chosen pattern, these are completed at an additional cost of $50 p/hr


I just love Mockups!  These are the images where you can try the pattern on different products, like a dress, pillow, coffee mug, etc.  If you are not quite sure if the pattern will suit your product, just contact me and I will create one for you to see how it looks at no additional cost.


Once a pattern has been purchased and a personalised contract has been sent out, if you change your mind; A refund will be provided promptly only if the file has not already been emailed to you. 

Note:  please note that when you receive your file, if there are any anomalies in the file, these will be amended promptly.

Download Terms and Conditions here:  Pattern Library Terms and Conditions


Special Collaboration - Or would you like that customised experience, something unique to you and your brand then click here and tell me more about your project.