Chocolate Banana Cake Recipe-art

I've been making this recipe ever since I was 16yrs old. 

I left school in 3rd form (yr 9) and went to Williams Business College, Mona Vale to become a secretary to work for my Mum & Dad at their Quarry in Belrose, Sydney. 

My families quarry was called Warringah Gravel & Stone Supplies and after many arguments with my Mum because I didn't want to file, sweep floors and do the morning tea dishes I quit :) and got a job at The Chelsea Teahouse in Avalon on the Northern Beaches in 1985.


I worked there for only a few weeks when I found out it was for sale, so I had $4000 in savings and my sister gave me a loan for the remainder $12000 and I bought it. This is why I ended up becoming a chef.

This recipe came from Bronwyn, the previous owner.  It was my most popular cake and I have made it ever since. I have continued to bake it in all my businesses after and that's why I thought I'd share my recipe, you'll love it!

This recipe and video of how to bake is available now: click link for details- Chocolate Banana Cake Print – Sweet-Art by Jenni


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