Monet's Tap ~ Original Art by Jenni Rogers


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Artist's inspiration:  My husband and 2 daughters went on a once in a lifetime trip to Europe for 6 weeks and one of the places we visited was Givenchy in France.  On tour through Monet’s garden and home, I couldn’t wait to see his kitchen.  His tap on the cooker caught my eye, freshly polished and deserved recognition.

Perfect in your kitchen, family room, dining area or lounge, or liven up an office or meeting space. 

Original Painting by Australian Artist, Jenni Rogers. 

Oils on thick canvas , unframed and is all ready to hang. 

Size:  H/50.5cm W/40.5 cm D/4 cm  

 Jenni Rogers is a chef, artist and surface pattern designer. Get in touch if you'd like her artwork on your products.