Siesta ~ Original Art by Jenni Rogers


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Artist's inspiration:  Lazy day on the ocean, between catches, summer breeze, listening to the rhythm of the sea on this hot and humid day on our tour to Cinque Terre, Italy.  This was just one of the 5 gorgeous towns. The weather was a heatwave and we had just arrived by ferry to the next town on our tour. I was walking around the foreshore and took this photo of this gorgeous boat with brightly coloured towels. 

Perfect in your kitchen, family room, dining area or lounge, or liven up an office or meeting space. 

Original Painting by Australian Artist, Jenni Rogers. 

Acrylic/Charcoal on canvas, framed.

57cm x 67.5cm x 2.7cm


Jenni Rogers is a chef, artist and surface pattern designer. Get in touch if you'd like her artwork on your products.