Chocolate Roulade Recipe-art

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Chocolate Roulade Recipe-art: A Hand-painted recipe. The sweet, creamy sensation of a chocolate roulade is a delightful experience for all. This delectable dessert is crafted from layers of light and airy fluffy sponge cake, filled with a luxurious layer of thick cream filling, and coated in rich melted chocolate. Whether you’re an experienced cook looking to spice up the menu or a baker whipping up something special for family night – this indulgent treat will surely satisfy both food professionals and customers alike. Let's explore how to make an exquisite chocolate roulade that'll have everyone coming back for more!

This recipe is tried & true and I've used all of these recipes in my cafe's & bakeries for over 36+ years. Each recipe takes me up to two weeks to plan, organise, bake, eat & then to create a painting. Many hours of love & dedication goes into each & every one.

"Our favourite recipe reminds us of our loved ones, when we create them, in a way, it brings them back to us" My recipes are a way of capturing those memories forever - They all have special memories and stories.

Design: Original illustration by Jenni Rogers.

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