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ANZAC biscuits were originally made by wives and mothers throughout Australia to raise funds for the war effort. Made from simple ingredients that lasted well, these home-cooked treats represented the comforts of home for those who were fighting in the battlefields of Europe.  With inspiration taken from the Aussie slouch hat, the old biscuit tin and the poppies from the Flanders fields, this painting is dedicated to my grandfather Claude Haysom. For over 16 hours he drove his ambulance through constant shellfire to rescue his fallen mates. Next time you raise a cup of tea, why not reach for that Anzac biscuit to celebrate and commemorate those who fought so bravely to secure our future.

The perfect accompaniment to your kitchen, its useful and you can bake the recipe from it. This recipe is tried & true and I've used this recipe in my cafe's & bakeries for over 36+ years. Each recipe takes me up to two weeks to plan, organise, bake, eat & then to create a painting. Many hours of love & dedication goes into each & every one. 

"Our favourite recipe reminds us of our loved ones, when we create them, in a way, it brings them back to us"  My recipes are a way of capturing those memories forever - They all have special memories and stories.

DVA Permit #904. This is the Schedule referred to in the authority to use the word ‘Anzac’ granted to Mrs Jennifer-Lee Rogers (Permit No. 904).  Department of Veteran Affairs.  

A donation of $1 from each tea towel sold, will be going to the Legacy charity in Australia.

Designed by Jenni Rogers  |  Printed in Australia  |  Cotton/Linen | Bespoke Tea Towel 

2 Sizes - Medium 42 x 59 cm & Large 48 x 69cm 

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Maria Anastasiadis
tea towels


Thank you so much Maria .... :)

Ellen Clapham

Anzac Biscuits Recipe-art Tea Towel

Thank you so much Ellen :)



The most gorgeous teatowels I've ever seen, the quality is absolutely amazing and such a fantastic keepsake

Thank you so much :)