Anzac Biscuits Recipe-art *Permit required*

POA - Please email me for pricing and further information.

Anzac Biscuits Recipe-art:  This recipe is tried & true and I've used all of these recipes in my cafe's & bakeries for over 36+ years. Each recipe takes me up to two weeks to plan, organise, bake, eat & then to create a painting. Many hours of love & dedication goes into each & every one.

"Our favourite recipe reminds us of our loved ones, when we create them, in a way, it brings them back to us"  My recipes are a way of capturing those memories forever - They all have special memories and stories.
Special Permit #904: If you are interested in this design - please contact me first as permission needs to be requested from the Department of Veteran Affairs for use.

Design: Original illustration by Jenni Rogers.

Pattern Size: Pattern size can vary with each design, so please get in touch if you need this print on a particular scale.

Customisation: Is limited as to the nature of this design, but will consider and would be charged out at $50 per/hr.

File Type: This file will be provided as a JPG File 6552 px x 9452 px & 600 dpi.  Please specify if a PSD or PDF file is required.

Printing Method: I recommend that this design be digitally printed.

Exclusive License:  the pattern will be exclusive to your brand for a 2-year period.  An email will be sent out 3 months prior to the completion date with the option to renew.  The pattern will be exclusive to your category only - ie: if your product is in the baby category, the pattern cannot be re-licensed in that same space, however it could be licensed in the stationary, wallpaper, phone case categories, etc. This pattern is limited for use in five categories only.

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Copyright: All designs remain the Copyright of Sweet art by Jenni