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Chocolate Roulade Recipe-art: A Hand-painted recipe.

About the Recipe: The sweet, creamy sensation of a chocolate roulade is a delightful experience for all. This delectable dessert is crafted from layers of light and airy fluffy sponge cake, filled with a luxurious layer of thick cream filling, and coated in rich melted chocolate. Whether you’re an experienced cook looking to spice up the menu or a baker whipping up something special for family night – this indulgent treat will surely satisfy both food professionals and customers alike. Let's explore how to make an exquisite chocolate roulade that'll have everyone coming back for more!

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Without Frame $49.95 - the A4 print comes unframed on premium 250mg paper

With Frame $119.95 - the frame can be added to & hold up to 24 recipe-artworks (watch video to see how the frame works)

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