Flamingtons @ Sofala

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Flamingtons @ Sofala is a hand painted water colour illustration. Lamingtons + Flamingos = "Flamingtons at Sofala" 

My inspiration: Years ago we took our 2 daughters gold panning at Hillend and we passed through Sofala, an iconic Aussie town where I sketched the street and created a lino print which I've featured here.  The lamingtons were created from my Lamington recipe found on my website under Recipe-art and the Flamingos...... well they just have great legs...lol..  

The featured teaset is a Maxwell Williams Teaset "Enchante Veronique" and one of my favourite movies is Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst.  Love movies 🎬 about food

Design: Original illustration by Jenni Rogers.

Pattern Size: Pattern size can vary with each design, so please get in touch if you need this print on a particular scale.

Customisation: Each design can be customised to suit your product and audience, including the scale, composition and colour palette. Please note that all customisation requests are carried out at an hourly design fee of $50 + gst per hour.

File Type: This file will be provided as a JPG File 8000 px x 8000 px & 600 dpi.  Please specify if a PSD or PDF file is required.

Printing Method: I recommend that this design be digitally printed.

Exclusive License:  the pattern will be exclusive to your brand for a 2-year period.  An email will be sent out 3 months prior to the completion date with the option to renew.  The pattern will be exclusive to your category only - ie: if your product is in the baby category, the pattern cannot be re-licensed in that same space, however it could be licensed in the stationary, wallpaper, phone case categories, etc. This pattern is limited for use in five categories only.

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Copyright: All designs remain the Copyright of Sweet art by Jenni