My name is Jenni Rogers. I reside in a stunning little town called Alstonville in the Byron Bay Hinterland. My passion is working in watercolour, oils and acrylics. I have a special intrigue into creating whimsical paintings that showcase all aspects of the kitchen.

I always loved creating with paint and pencils as a child, I did a couple of drawing and painting classes growing up and it wasn’t until I had a defining moment, I still remember walking back across the road from an oil painting class in our local hall in my little town of Empire Bay to my house and thinking wow I can paint! and I dabbled with the thought “I could be an artist” I had only painted my first painting and I knew nothing accept I absolutely loved it!

After the birth of my two daughters, I took Folk-art Classes in Singleton and I knew then I needed to go and do formal training, that’s when I completed my Cert II & III in Fine Art & Contemporary Craft at Tafe.  This taught me all the foundations of drawing and playing around with different mediums and styles.

When I think about food It pulls at my heartstrings. I find the aspects of food and cafes very emotional. I often associate memories to food, I know when I bake bread, I think of my dad in the kitchen baking these massive loaves of bread, or my Grandma and I making little sweet jam mushrooms with icing and stalks, and also my mum and I destroying the kitchen through cake decorating, every bowl in the house used. Need-less to say this is why I became a chef when I was 16., and I have owned many cafes/bakeries and takeaways over more than half my life. This is why I love to paint cafes, cakes, markets and beautifully presented food.

My creative process comes from a feeling when I look at these subjects, my mind starts to envision how it could look, I usually paint from photos or real life as in plein air or still life.  Or when I bake and I see all the texture and colours, there is never ending inspiration in these subjects….it’s life and it is a part of us all.  You can’t live without food!

My inspiration comes from many artists as well, like Wayne Thiebaud, Johannes Vermeer, Cezanne, Georg Flegel and not to mention my favourite is Carol Gillette who writes/paints the best blog “Paris Breakfasts”