Lamington High Tea Fabric Collection

Sweet Art Morning Tea

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Lets celebrate the Lamington!

My inspiration comes from the Australian culinary icon, “The Lamington”.

It was created by Armond Galland, the Chef of Queensland’s eighth governor, Lord Lamington, to feed unexpected visitors. The recipe first appeared in the Queensland Country Life newspaper as early as 1900 and in 2006 it was even honored with its own National Lamington Day, which is on 21 July.

These tasty treats are the perfect accompaniment to your morning & afternoon cuppa, whether it be tea or coffee.  Soft, light, buttery genoise sponge, moist chocolatey coating and covered in coconut.     

The lamington has a rich history of raising money for various community projects. My mother remembers in 1952 being involved in a “lamington Drive” to help raise funds towards a new building at her college. I have fond memories as a child helping my big sister dip lamingtons in warm chocolate sauce, trying not to lick my fingers and then gently coating in desiccated coconut, production style. The lamingtons were for my big sister, raising funds to travel overseas, we went door to door selling them. We made so many lamingtons there were too many to number.